Ever wondered why you are not getting called for that job interview you applied for? What could be the reason behind this? Well, a lot of the times if you are not getting called for an interview on the basis of your resume, the reason is the resume itself. Yes, you read that right.

So, what could you do to make this better? The easiest solution you ask? You can make it from scratch is the answer. As a genie resume writer, I am mentioning here some super amazing yet easy tips that can help you in creating a top-notch resume in no time.

To start with the basics;

-Use an easy-to-read font to write your resume.

-Try using a professional looking template

-Compile all your personal and educational information at one place.

-Collect your work experience certificates to add their info in it.

With these things in hand you have all that you need to make a good resume, now,

-Start by adding your personal information, but do not add everything but only brief and relevant info.

-Add all the details of your educational background.

-Add your work experience which is relevant to the job you are applying for.

-Last but not the least, try to keep your resume short and brief, so it can be easily read by the hiring managers in the time span of 15 seconds.

By keeping these smalls steps in mind you can create a pixel perfect resume which will help you in winning any job interview easily.