Everything you Want to Know Concerning Gallery Ads

On May 15 and 16, in California, the 2021 Google Marketing Live took place. Placed beneath the indication of innovation, this show is the perfect spot to be inspired by the latest trends, novelties, and best practices of visionaries of the digital sphere.

It was during this event that Google presented its newest innovations concerning marketing tools and formats. One of them, Gallery Advertising.

What is Gallery Advertising?

Gallery Advertising is a brand new format for interactive advertising.

The Gallery Ads format allows you to offer a carousel of images which range from 4 to 8 photographs max. Each picture is accompanied by a motto of around 70 characters. The name appears over the images and stays there regardless of the visitor's scroll through the images.

This can help attract consumers in the pre-purchase research period. Google will show these ads at the top of the results

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Tests have revealed that Gallery Ads enables more than 25% more interactions in comparison with conventional ad formats.

What are the advantages of Gallery Advertising?

The use of Gallery Ads enables a distinction between different products and services, campaigns, and much more effective communication of your enterprise value.

The Gallery Advertising format may be a huge asset for BtoB and BtoC companies.

For instance, a BtoC company -- consequently which turns to private clients -- that attaches great value to this visual, should try this advertising format.

If your business is a restaurant, a hotel, an automobile dealership... you have to offer your image nicely. A succession of photos of your products displayed directly on the search results of people' cellphone, can make you very convincing. Not only is the first impression often the right one, but the human mind processes images 60,000 times faster than texts. . This ad format will therefore capture the eye of your visitors better and they will remember your merchandise more than with text.

Just take the example of a father looking for the ideal family restaurant to choose his children to dinner. By doing his Google searches, he'll see the carousel of their best photos of tasty food from your restaurant. This will make an excellent first impression by whetting her appetite. Another instance: you work for a travel agency and you want to market a resort in the Caribbean. A couple that are looking for their next destination for the summer and that kind"tropical vacation" on Google, won't be able to resist the set of photos showing the magnificent hotel next to the paradisiacal beaches.

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