As we all know, India is a country of diversified culture and traditions with 29 states and close to 25 major languages.Just as diversified we are in the rich culture, states, languages , customs and traditions, we have also have a rich legacy in producing silk sarees in so many varied forms from east to west and north to souh

To name some of the most famous types of silk sarees in India are:

  • Banarasi silk
  • Kanchipuram silk
  • Tussar silk
  • Chanderi silk
  • Kota silk
  • Art silk
  • Cotton silk
  • Bhagalpuri silk
  • Konrad silk
  • Baluchari silk
  • Mysore silk
  • Tanchoi silk
  • Bandhani silk
  • Paithani silk
  • Raw silk etc and so on.

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