Madhya Pradesh is the birth place of Chanderi sarees and they have a rich past. Chanderi was patronized by the Scindias and the Mughals and brought to the forefront. Zarikari, brocade, animal motifs and leaf motifs are used. The fabric can be both cotton and silk. Chanderi sarees are light and breezy. They are perfect for the hot weather of the plains and are preferred by Indian women. The fabric is transparent which makes it stylish and chic.

It you are interested to know about the various silk sarees in India and their weaves, origin etc in detail,read about the Weaving Traditions of India and understand the richness of our culture and heritage.

The prices ranges for Chanderis are in the range starting from Rs. 7000

You can check these Chanderi Silk sarees collection

Black Pure Chanderi Silk Handloom Saree with Skirt Border


Seafoam Green Pure Chanderi Silk Handwoven Saree