Path of Exile 2 is a brand new game. Yes, it does retain the features of the original Path of Exile, but it also tries to develop into something new from it. The mission of Path of Exile 2 is to become a better version of the current Path of Exile.

It feels like Path of Exile 2 is like a game designed to fix and fix the errors of its predecessor, and the way of manufacturing is "Grinding Gear Games" trying to regain control of the spacecraft. Although Path of Exile is a very successful game, although it can still be played even after Path of Exile 2 comes out, players can purchase POE Currency to give the game a further opportunity.

Path of Exile is a loot-based game, so players can play for a few hours to get more items and POE Currency, thereby improving their character. This method first increases the speed, because clearing 10 maps in an hour provides much less profit than 40 or 50 maps. Therefore, the game gradually becomes a game, and players tend to give up defense or build diversity to achieve millions of damage per second. More damage equals less time to kill the enemy, which means more endgame maps are completed and more loot is obtained. GGG has repeatedly stated that it does not want the game to move in this direction, so this may change with the appearance of "Road of Exile 2".

PoE 2 also seems like a next-generation game, and its graphics and engine need to be modernized for a long time. This is a new environment in which the most successful part of the prequel has its place, and new elements and functions have been added to it to solve the problems of the past. Path of Exile is also an extremely complex game, and it is of high quality while retaining players instead of holding hands throughout the game. Players can Buy POE Currency to keep this aspect, hoping to be more friendly to those who play casually or just start playing.