China Stainless Steel Sink Company  introduces the installation method of the sink:

1. Above counter basin installation
The installation of the above counter basin is relatively simple. You only need to make a hole in the predetermined position of the countertop according to the installation drawing, then put the water basin into the hole, and fill the gap with glass glue. When using, the water on the countertop will not flow down the gap, so in the home Used more frequently. And because the above counter basin can make more changes in the shape, there is more room for style selection, and the decoration effect is more ideal.

2. Installation of flat basin
The installation method of countertop basin is adopted to realize the seamless installation effect of stainless steel sink and countertop. The edge of the flat stainless steel sink can easily wipe water droplets and other stains into the stainless steel sink. No stains will be left in the gap between the stainless steel sink and the countertop, which is safe and sanitary. Due to the seamless installation of the stainless steel sink and countertop, it can have a larger use space. The stainless steel sink is perfectly matched with the countertop, and the appearance is beautiful.

3. Installation of under counter basin
Using the under-counter basin installation method, the stainless steel sink is installed under the countertop, which has more space for use, and the countertop is easy to clean and take care of. But the junction between the basin and the countertop is easier to hide dirt.

4. No need to open holes for installation
The stainless steel sink that does not need to be installed is easy to install and has many functions, such as the style that can be installed in the corner, which can make full use of the space.

Through the above introduction, Ningbo AFA Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.