What are the differences between air tools and electric tools? Among hardware tools, electric tools and air tools are two very common and used tools.

Today we will compare and analyze the characteristics of the two.

1. Working ability: Both provide a variety of different working methods, but the air tool speed adjustment and output power adjustment are simple, and under the same output power, it is more compact and lighter. In addition, air tools can provide more levels of choice in the speed range, there is no heating and overload failure, when the overload is started, the tool only stops rotating, and once the overload is removed, normal operation will be restored.

2. Environmental adaptability: In terms of environmental application capabilities, air tools are more resistant to water. Although water immersion is harmful to the tool, it will not generate electric sparks and cause harm like hardware electric tools. And because the air tool can use an internal combustion engine air pump, it can adapt to various bad or harsh environments.

3. Economy: In terms of economic performance, the initial investment of electric tools is relatively small, but the long-term use of energy consumption is high, and the cost of tool maintenance and replacement is also high. The initial investment of air tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but the long-term use of energy consumption and tool maintenance costs lower.

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