Compared with the original league content, the development team has rebalanced the league-specific rewards provided through other content such as POE Currency. Now, certain rewards will be exclusive to their respective leagues, or even rarer in other types of content. This is also to protect the reasonable rights of each player and maintain the balance of the game to promote the overall game experience, which is wise.

Now players can find the Abyssal Scarab from various sources. Each scarab is guaranteed to have an abyss encounter in an area, higher-level scarabs will contain more abyss encounters, another abyss gem from the abyss treasure, or increase the chance of an abyss triggering an abyss encounter in the area. Rare Abyssal Jewels dropped from Abyssal Boots now use a well-rolled modifier system. The developer also added several new abyss gem modifiers. Various existing Abyss Jewel modifiers have also updated.

The result of players destroying Blighted Maps is like ordinary maps. The treasure chests in these maps have a certain chance to drop stained oil, which can smear damaged items. Blighted Maps now applies the map’s item quantity modifier to 20% of the total value of the Blighted box quantity. Various oil modifiers affecting POE Currency have updated. Scarabs will also encounter Blight in their respective areas. Higher-level scarabs guarantee an extra Blight leader. Blight Chests have a 50% chance to include a bonus box, or Blight Lanes can have a bonus box.

In short, this new expansion contains the excellent mechanisms and content of many previous leagues. Players can enjoy it according to their own preferences. They can also Buy POE Orbs to seek greater development in the new league. Wait until they are tired of playing and then revisit the previous league.