Many novice players still do not know how to use the fastest and most effective method to make their agricultural activities have a higher final yield. In fact, as long as they really understand the game mechanics of the new league, they can make their efforts worthwhile. The game steps are very clear. Players can get many POE Currency and high-value rare items by killing them.

If players want to make themselves rich in a short time, they can sell the rare items they collect directly or make them fine crafts and then sell them in exchange for more items and currency they want. Players with low levels of strength can call their partners to kill monsters to get loot.

POE has a long development experience and various gaming mechanisms have been perfect for a long time. Also commendable is that they are still on the path to continuous innovation. Once every three months, new leagues can always bring fresh content to players, but nothing boring. The presence of this mechanism does not weaken the player’s enthusiasm for the POE. The game team relaxed the spirit of the player by starting a comfortable Harvest league that many players thought was too tired for the last Delirium league match.

After the previous update, players will have more opportunities to pick up advanced seeds. It means that most smart players will definitely increase their planting numbers. To increase the efficiency of harvesting, they had better prepare collectors, diffusers, towers and other items. After clicking the collector, it takes a few seconds for the player to prepare the monsters that sprout seeds. By defeating them, collectors can reap their lives. Different seeds sprouted different monsters, which changed the effects available in the crafting system. Monsters will also drop items and sometimes higher-level seeds.

To sum up, players can only improve their harvest efficiency if they really understand how the new league mechanism works. POE Orbs and POE Items will play a big role in the players’ planting process. It means that players can Buy POE Trade to take their harvest journey to the next level.