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With the gradual popularity of car assembly line, the production efficiency of related industries and enterprises' workshops has also been improved. But at the same time, a more prominent issue is placed in front of most companies, that is, how to effectively standardize the management and use of belt conveyor lines? Last week, our company reconstructed a batch of belt conveyor lines for a local company in Suzhou, and found that all aspects of the belt line were seriously damaged. It can be seen that there are many problems in the production management of the workshop. The production management of the workshop focuses on "how to standardize the use of belt conveyor lines". Whether the use of equipment is standardized or not directly affects the production efficiency of the workshop and the service life of the equipment. Standardized production can greatly improve the efficiency of production without causing damage to the equipment; on the contrary, incorrect use will cause malfunctions and damage to the line body. Based on our many years of experience in processing non-standard equipment, we put forward the following opinions on the standardized use of the belt assembly line for the reference of enterprises in need: 1. The equipment should not run for a long time: turn off the power of the equipment after completing certain production tasks, and promptly The equipment should be inspected and repaired; 2. The equipment should not be overloaded for a long time: the product weight set by the engineer when designing the line body is within a certain range. If the processed item exceeds the limited range, it will cause damage to the line body. Operation, it is easy to cause the risk of belt breakage; 3. Regulate the production behavior of workshop staff, and prohibit anyone from using hard objects to beat the equipment; 4. Avoid placing sharp objects on the conveyor surface of the belt assembly line to prevent the belt from scratching; 5. Regular Overhaul, maintain and clean up the equipment to keep the workshop and equipment clean. For the standardized use of belt conveyor lines, companies also need to combine their own actual conditions to strengthen the training of employees. Only by strengthening the management of the workshop from multiple aspects can the use of belt lines be effectively standardized.

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