In November last year, we announced the announcement of the Mac version of the Path of Exile game. The game will be released in 2020 (7 years after the Windows version was launched) and has 5 million users worldwide.

Over time, console users can already enjoy this title. Xbox One went on sale in 2017, and PlayStation went on sale last year. The only ecosystem that has not increased the number of users of this RPG is Mac, and we already have an official release date.

This title will be completely free to download and contains microtransactions about POE Currency, such as most of the Royal Battle games that have been put on the market in recent years, and have also been adopted by other titles such as Valorant, Counter Alternative Strike, and put on the market a few months ago.

Compared with users who do not invest or invest less, trading does not provide any advantages. This title allows you to play solo or cooperatively with 5 friends. The title gets new content in an expanded form every 13 weeks, where players have new challenges, projects and abilities so that users can keep their interest in the game.

To give you an idea, if you know the classic Diablo and have a Mac, then this title is the closest thing you can find for the team from September 11th. Hopefully, as many studies have announced, this date will not be delayed by the coronavirus. The release plan was postponed because of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Hope this will not happen this time, even if this happens, players don’t have to worry, you can also sum up the experience in the previous alliance. At the same time, IGGM's POE Trade Currency can be traded at any time, and there will be different discounts, you can check it when you are free.