After experiencing the bad stage of the initial release of the Path of Exile Ultimatum expansion, Grinding Gear Games made a major decision that they will never allow streamers to skip the queue in the future and they will develop contingency plans for marketing activities in response to such situations. That is too unfair for the players who still stuck in the login queue and it also prevents POE Currency they prepared for this from being used in the actual game in time.

Earlier this week, Grinding Gear was already working on a completely original problem. Players who claim to have been banned by Path Of Exile have attracted attention because they claimed to use macros necessary to play the game because of a physical disability. The post caught the attention of Steven Spohn, chief operating officer of Able Gamers, and GGG responded by stating that they could not find a record of the ban, but have been linked to the original poster.

Grinding Gear told PC players that this is undermining the legitimacy of the actual problem, and the Twitter thread caused us quite serious PR damage. For Path of Exile, it was of course a busy week. According to GGG’s description of this situation, it sounds like a server-side problem has led to an improvement in its startup process. They learned valuable experience in marketing activities. They try to do this by investigating and addressing the needs of disabled players. I hope it composed the fact that this player will not prevent POE Currency from accepting the concerns of other disabled exile players.

In short, players are now patiently waiting for the follow-up operations of the game team. They can first try playing Ultimatum to enhance their understanding of the new league and Buy POE Orbs to make detailed plans for their next development. Path of Exile will never disappoint the players.