Now almost every household needs to use electric meters, and with the development of society, the functions and counting of electric meters are getting better and better, and the electric meters used in different environments are also different, so there is a three phase electromechanical kwh meter .

Features of three phase electromechanical kwh meter: a three-phase electromechanical kwh meter calibrator with small size, large screen and full-color Chinese character operation.

The three phase electromechanical kwh meter is suitable for on-site error calibration of power meters at all levels, comprehensive error measurement of electric energy metering devices, and transformer transformation ratio (angle difference/ratio difference) measurement; it is also suitable for power operation site electrical parameter measurement and installation Meter connection (error wiring judgment), equipment electric energy measurement (electric energy accumulation or power consumption measurement); also can check the electric energy meter constant (check constantly), determine the polarity of the transformer; can calculate the voltage quality imbalance and Vector sum calculation of three-phase voltage and current. It is very suitable for on-site use such as electric energy metering, electricity consumption inspection, power inspection and relay protection wiring inspection, relay protection differential detection, start-up test, etc.

Of course, in addition to three phase electromechanical kwh meter, there is also single phase electromechanical kwh meter .