After we were finally able to check Path of Exile 2 in preview form, the developers of GGG have now released many new concept images. The weird and beautiful pictures have ensured a pure atmosphere.

Path of Exile attracts people with its cruel and dark world. The major update Path of Exile 2 will not change this situation anytime soon. Recently, we were able to convince ourselves of this in the detailed gameplay preview of the second act of the new story campaign. In addition, the developers have now released concept images that are the basis of monsters, NPCs, bosses, and entire levels. You can buy POE Currency to get the works of different artists.

What is Path of Exile 2?
Path of Exile 2 is Grinding Gear Games' most extensive update to ARPG: a new story campaign including other courses will expand the previous game. Both the loot and the POE Currency system are undergoing a makeover, while new weapons such as spears and crosses have expanded our hero’s existing arsenal. In terms of technology, players can expect better effects, lighting, textures and animations.

 Each skill in Path of Exile 2 can achieve "6-link", that is, link one skill gem with up to five auxiliary gems. So far, only two skills can be used at most, because only the breastplate and two-handed weapons can hold six of their own gems. If you want to enhance your strength in the game, then you can Buy POE Currency to get help.

The sequel to Path of Exile 2 was postponed due to the corona pandemic, among other factors, which is why the beta will start as early as 2022. The current patch 3.14.0 ultimatum league is in full swing, and players may risk a lot of wealth in it.

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