Lichess – A Game Built for Chess Lovers

Published by, backrooms game is a board game for those who love playing chess. It is also for those new players who want to try new strands of strategic games. Just like the chess that you know and play with your friends, the game follows the same rules. There are, however, some modifications that do not follow the old chess textbook.

You can try other well-known game modes such as Crazyhouse, Chess 960, Antichess, and many more. With its user-friendly interface, even new players can understand the rules quickly. It only takes a brief time to gain familiarity with the game if you are one of them.

Have fun with the Making Tools!

Lichess Free Online Chess offers flexible board gameplay modes that do not necessitate the old board game rules. The game features creation tools that let you design your own chess game. You don’t need to base your game rules on the old chess textbook. Instead, you can craft your own rules and implement them on your newly created chess board. Design everything freely using the creation tools from the rules, piece models, and other chess features. Creativity is the limit if you want to bend the old rules. This makes this chess game different from the ones you played before.

The game also enables you to participate in worldwide matchmaking. With this mode, you can participate in chess tournaments with other competitive players. Just like conventional chess, you need to craft your course of action to have effective moves. This varies from player to player, so you should anticipate the other player’s moves based on their playstyle. If you find the online game taxing, you can also play offline with your friends or with AI. Strategy is still necessary, and you can even improve the fun by choosing the difficulty level that suits you best.