According to the manufacturer of Bed Elevator , during the actual use of small elevators for home villas, it is recommended that everyone should be able to perform various control functions and control all programs, and there is LED display here, so that automatic leveling can be done. Layer of work.

In the process of actual use, external calls can be completed, and internal operations can be performed in accordance with the existing actual conditions, and such an operation will invisibly make the characteristics of the entire small elevator better play out. At the same time, when the elevator is in use, the lighting inside the elevator is completely automatically turned off.

While the small elevators for home villas are in actual use, the mechanical elevators in the lobby are interlocked with safety devices, and the equipment cannot be operated when any door is open. The operating state must ensure that all the halls are mechanically locked and stopped. , Then the entire elevator floor can be opened, so that the entire hall door can be locked.

During the actual use of the elevator, you can press the arrow button when you encounter any failure, so that you can do a jog down, and all of them will be lowered to the bottom.

Small elevators for home villas basically have safety protection devices against falling, and there is a part of overload protection.
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