The cover vote for Madden 22 is a vote that only EA can get. Once a public investigation is conducted, you will choose the Madden 22 host inside-this has been the case since the Cleveland Browns' online campaign ended and traveler Peyton Hillis was selected as Madden 12. Tiburon can choose, and before the NFL draft, we ranked in the top three below. After reading the following voting guidelines, let us know your predictions.

Henry broke the running distance in 2027 and made 17 touchdowns in 2020, which makes him the current hot spot on the cover of Madden 22. In fact, it may have been revealed. In March, stores in Pennsylvania started using MUT Coins to promote new games, and Hawkeye's Instagram users were leaked to the world. The Darwin Cook drought we mentioned above must be completed.

The suspicious coach saw that Green Bay was robbed of players by Tom Brady's pirates. It is easy to forget that Rogers outperformed Brady in the regular season. On his way to the league's most valuable player award, he threw 48 TDs and only 5 picks. Incredibly, this will be his first "Crazy" cover ever.

In the 2020 season, Brady slinged No. 4633 sling to get his seventh Super Bowl ring in the Kansas City Chiefs with a 31-9 shot through yardage and 40 touchdowns. Although he turned 44 in August, he is still crazy for everyone else in the league. He just promised to play in the Bucs jersey for two more seasons. This is Tom's second cover after "Madden 18". If you like these characters, you can unlock them through Cheap MUT 21 Coins.