Eliminating vulnerabilities is the main focus of Path of Exile's latest patch 3.11.1f, which will be released this week.

Fortunately, we provided patch notes before its release. The patch is set to be deployed on the PC first, followed by the console. This patch aims to solve the problems of POE Currency, special characters, access to the Holy Grove, Holy Grove portal, etc., including:

    Fixed a rare bug that could cause the Conqueror to fail to spawn on your atlas after migrating from the single-player Independence League.
    Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate rooms to appear in the Temple of Asoatl.
    Fixed a bug that caused the black box to sometimes appear on top of the object.
    Fixed a bug that when the gain value expired, Elusive would cause some decorative effects to temporarily lose their texture.
    Fixed a possible client crash when using Shield Charge.
    Fixed a client crash that could occur when taking screenshots using Vulkan rendering.

The publisher announced that it will release the 3.12 version on September 1. The next league is scheduled to be released on PC on September 18, and the console will get a new league on September 23. By then, players can browse articles about Path of Exile’s new league on IGGM, and their website will also offer discounts on POE Trade Currency. You can subscribe to their website, and discounts will be pushed to you after the new league is released.