Two weeks ago, my brother and I officially started taking World of Warcraft Classic seriously. Both he and I started playing in the era Classic attempts to replicate, which is the mid-2000s Vanilla period. Then joined Classic last year, grinding to the mid-20s. I think Blizzard’s experiment was very feasible at that time.

The two important hubs of the Alliance are Stormwind and Ironforge. These two places are very popular and full of vitality because there are so many players here. Gnomeregan—the early-game dungeons that give World of Warcraft its lasting color, they hope to discover Deadmines, Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan together. This is a surprise that is very popular with players. Some players wonder if after the game is re-developed, those skilled in the game will become dismissive of the previous things, resulting in the inability to create the culture that once existed in the Windows XP era. But it turns out that this idea is redundant. After the release of this game, only a few weirdos have reached the Cheap WOW Classic Gold upper limit of the level, and other players seem to be enjoying the joy of this game, and they are slowly exploring every corner of Azeroth like a spring breeze.

However, I regret to inform you, my dear readers, that World of Warcraft Classic’s early game has passed away and no one cares about it. Currently, my game level is 29. Duskwood, Wetlands, and Hillsbrad Foothills are my mission centers, but they are basically empty, which makes the group content in these areas boring, dead, and fun.

I spent a few hours on Trade Chat the night before and spared no effort to find a party for The Stockade, the quintessential mid-20s Alliance instance. Fortunately, I found many 60-level wizards to team up, and then Equipped with gleaming top-level raiding gear, the power leveling of the entire rifle was carried out at the price of 5 gold. After that, we were together, killing many mobs in the dungeon, using a well-equipped spell manual, and repeating it over and over again until the characters in the team got enough experience to skip the hardships that should have defined the journey to the endgame. If you want to pass the level faster, you need more powerful equipment, and I will go to to get Vanilla WOW Gold. They are not only cheap, but also good service.

The bad news for me is that any opportunity for Classic to level up is derailed. For the foreseeable future, levels 1-59 are basically irrelevant. It is also quite unfriendly to most players.