Often there is very little warning of when your doorknob on your front door is going to decide it has reached the end of its life. This can be very frustrating and you will undoubtedly have to make a decision regarding a replacement pretty swiftly. If you are considering having a doorknob or all the doorknobs in your home that lead inside replaced, it is important to know what choices you have. You may think this is unnecessary but as you have a load of hardware types to choose from including round door knobs, levers, deadbolts and window hinge manufacturer sets, we think it best if you are completely informed.

  Door Levers

  For the easiest usage, door levers are the way to go. Levers bring a touch of class to a home whereas people are often used to seeing regular round door knobs. These types of door handles are especially easy to install as they are reversible for the left and right side doors. The only downside to having door lever installed is that they are not great for hallways or small entryways as it is easy to catch your clothing on the protruding handles.

  Round Door Knobs

  If you have pets or children to take into consideration, round door knobs are absolutely the best way to go. These types of knobs are hard for animals and kids alike to work and therefore will prevent anyone from opening a door they shouldn’t. On the other hand, these doorknobs are not great for those who suffer from arthritis, as they find them to be difficult to manage. Another disadvantage to these knobs is that they often cause the users to scrape their knuckles on the door frame depending on how closely the handle is to it.

  Door Handle Sets

  If you want to go all out where the handles in your home are concerned, you may want to consider having a door handle set installed. Most often you can see these sets installed in homes that clearly costed a pretty penny as they add a touch of sophistication to any entryway. These handle sets are extremely durable and long lasting which make them worth the money people often spend on them. The only real downside that tends to deter people from buying these door handle sets is that they require you to drill into the actual body of the door where the handle set attaches.

  We told you, there are far more things to consider than you would originally think when you decide to replace the door handles in your home. Make sure to do some measuring to ensure that the door handle you think you want will be the best fit for the door you are planning to add to it.

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