These toaster hacks will put your mind at ease and ensure you they can survive. Keep reading and teach your child how to still eat well with a toaster. First thing’s first, you will need toaster bags for a few of these hacks. These bags are amazing and vital to keeping your toaster clean. Now let’s begin.

Use your toaster to make grilled cheese.

Here’s a trick from Mackenzie Smith, the blogger behind the aptly-named Grilled Cheese Social: Turn your toaster on its side, then stick in two slices of bread, each with cheese on top, and presto! You’ve got a perfect grilled cheese. The only problem is that this off-warranty use of the toaster could (potentially) start a fire, so proceed with caution.

Veggie burgers

Because they don't contain much fat or oil, which can seriously damage your toaster, veggie burgers are far safer to cook in a toaster than meat burgers. Vegetarian patties, be they store-bought or homemade (though we'd always recommend the latter, of course) should be simply placed into your toaster and cooked for five minutes or so if frozen, or a two or three if not. Use the other slot to toast the bun for maximum efficiency.

Use your toaster to turn sweet potatoes into toas

According to Spoon University, you can make gluten-free toast by baking thinly sliced pieces of sweet potato in your toaster. Once they’re toasted, load ’em up with avocado, peanut butter, or whatever your heart desires.

Garlic Bread

OK, so this is a kind of toast, but did you know you can make crispy, crunchy garlic bread in the toaster? Take a slice of Italian bread, smother it with olive oil or butter, sprinkle it with garlic powder or spread it with minced garlic, and add a little cheese on top for a single serving of hot, fresh garlic bread. Just don't try this without parchment paper or a China Silicone Mat to help keep it from dripping into your toaster.

Reheated Pizza

Cold pizza is amazing — no argument there. But, when you want your leftovers to be as gooey and cheesy as they were when you first ordered them, avoid the microwave at all costs. Instead, turn your toaster (and a toaster bag) into a brick oven. I promise it's better than the soggy, chewy slice you'll get from the microwave.

There's honestly no limit, and the best thing is that many of the things you might choose to eat with your toast could, with the help of a toaster bag, well be cooked in the other slot of your toaster, too, like bacon or vegetables. Go raid the fridge and start experimenting. TongXiang YiCheng BBQ Grill Bag | PTFE Coated Fiberglass Factory is your good choice, click to buy toaster bags , and when used and cared for properly, they will last for a long, long time!