"Path of Exile" developer Grinding Gear Games apologized for "serious misconduct" and allowed streamers to skip the queue for the latest extension Ultimatum. The head of the studio, Chris Wilson, admitted in an honest and thoughtful statement that the studio’s release was "at least unceremonious", and tried to explain some of the problems put on the market, and summarized solutions to these problems. The steps, POE Currency and server stability.

After detailing the "technical issues" that "disrupted" on the day of the release after a lot of stress testing, Wilson explained that due to "human error," publishers were in the first place in the login queue. Wilson explained in a long article: "The decision to allow any publisher to skip the queue is clearly wrong." "It's better to offend people who we want to enter the game but are desperate, not to provide viewers with watching while they are waiting. Stuff. And you have to watch other people enjoy this freedom.

"A lot of players are dissatisfied with this, which is completely understandable. We tell people that the beginning of the Path of Exile League is a level playing field for everyone, and we need to really make sure that this is a reality." POE currency can be. Let you overcome many difficulties in the game.

Wilson said: "In the future, we will not allow publishers to skip the registration queue." "On the contrary, we will ensure that the queue works better, so that it is a fast process for everyone and is always an equal pleasure. We will also consider emergency situations to plan future marketing activities in order to better solve this situation in the future. "POE Chaos Orb to make yourself stronger in the game.