Outsourcing is a very beneficial way of reducing expenditures for your staff, especially in terms of taxes. Developers salaries are a significant piece of costs in any project, where development is required. What is more, Offshoring as a particular kind of outsourcing may be highly beneficial due to the basic cost of living and overall salary. 

Roughly speaking, when it comes to development services, there are three categories, based on the distance parameter: Onshoring, Nearshoring, and Offshoring. Onshoring is outsourcing to another city in the same country. Nearshoring is when you outsource outside of the country but to some nearby location. And Offshoring is when you outsource to a distant country, for example, a Norway company outsourcing development to Ukraine.

Businesses hire offshore developers to reduce their project costs, get more flexibility, and refresh in-house IT-perspective.