Animals crossing game players must build their islands, and it is their task to see the beautiful islands. Indeed, the work of some creators did surprise other players. Nintendo is introducing new gameplay. Music is another feature that generates this list because the soundtrack in the game right now is incredible.

K.K. The slider has appeared in other Animal Crossing titles, and it is a favorite character of many users. The ACBellsBuy store will provide players with the first time to choose the Buy Animal Crossing Items service. Because of all her inherent musical talents, several players even called him a musical genius. He performs for the townspeople through live performances and in-game albums that can be purchased.

A slider will play the guitar for players and folks, and then the player will have a virtual copy of the song, which may be played on the radio inside the home. There are three different secrets of K.K. Slider's songs that not all players know.

You can access these songs by entering the required song names. To get these songs, whenever you ask K.K., you should enter one of the three secret songs. This is a two-way choice. Most players will choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. When using options, the slider can receive special requests. According to the plan. And you can only request one song per week.

In New Horizons, secret songs can only be found on the island after becoming a three-star. After that, he will appear every Saturday. It can even play children's songs. If you have at least three stars, you may get a copy. If the player delays the soundtrack because of other things. You can ask him for help after Saturday's performance to find other copies from Slider.