As Madden 22 will be released later this summer, EA Sports needs to make 16 changes to the franchise model, which will make NFL fans ecstatic. It gained so much momentum that EA promised to fix the franchise model in Madden 22. The strong protest against Madden 21 just made it more obvious that the game needs to be changed, and very quickly. If you want to experience more new features in the game. You can purchase Madden 21 Coins to enhance the game's strength.

1. Customizable relocation
The migration team is an interesting aspect of the Madden franchise. However, every year we choose between the same name and logo. Sorry to all fans of the London monarch, but the "franchise model" will be even more cool with customizable relocation details.

It not only brings more creativity, but also allows you to revive the retired team and get more MUT Coins. But why stop there? You can even copy another actual team. Imagine the Crimson battle with Alabama twice a year. Maybe I'm a little out of control, but that's the key to adding this interesting and demanding feature.

2. Realistic contract restructuring/expansion
This is undoubtedly the biggest trouble in creating salary space. Contracts are regularly reorganized or expanded in the NFL, and Madden franchisees must manually edit the contract amount/duration. The entire season can choose to renew the contract, and the contract restructuring should be carried out before the free agency. This will be a fairer and more realistic way of dealing with contracts and cap conditions.

One possible idea is to allow extensions only for players who have entered the free agent market for two years or less. On the other hand, perhaps only players who have signed for three years or more can regroup. Of course, players on rookie contracts will not be eligible for reorganization. If you want to have top players, then you may need to buy Madden 21 Coins, which can be of great help to you.