Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides a customizable experience, some fans will still prefer more options. So no matter how much time the player spends, the purpose is to make his island unique. The goal of the animal crossing game is to relax the player. It should allow players to provide a complete game according to their imagination and build their own houses.

In the old version of the game, furniture and other items could only be placed in the player's house. Although the village itself may be decorated with flora, trails, and public works projects, the players are mostly limited to their residences. Players who want to ACNH Buy Items can be implemented in ACBellsBuy. Overall, this new amount of decoration has been welcomed by new and old players.

With more and more players joining, more than some gamers now want to return to customizable buildings. In New Leaf, players can invest in Bells to win a new facade for the city hall. With the upgrade of the new version of the game and the increase in personalization, it is surprising that the feature has not returned.

Accompanied by the decline of game functions. Some people complained that the brick patterns on the square clash with the rest of the themes. Different players have different needs, but they can all be achieved through ACNH Buy Bells. Others hope they can just move its position because it is at the beginning of the game. Some people will think of the function of the animal crossing game that comes with it.

Surprisingly, in terms of the way players gain freedom, the square is still static and remains unchanged from island to island. Several functions of New Leaf have slowly returned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In the past year, other NPCs and festival activities have also been used. Presumably, due to plans for many years of updates, Nintendo will not have the ability to change the square.