Prior to deployment later this week, Grinding Gear Games released patch notes for 3.14.1c. This patch is mainly aimed at squeezing the Path of Exile. Now players can purchase POE Currency to better complete their own construction. In addition to some fixes and improvements in microtransactions, this patch also brings many regular fixes and improvements. These vulnerabilities elimination measures include:

    Clarified that the Harvest process of turning unique items into random unique weapons can also turn items into random unique tremors. This is purely describing the change.
    Fixed an error where the elementalist’s elemental fortress significantly improved passive skills. This error prevented you from reapplying the original aegis when you died in a certain area.
    Fixed a bug in Mahuxotl's mechanized unique shield, which sometimes failed to trigger eternal sacrifice when reaching a full energy shield.
    Fixed a bug that caused the Arcanist brand to be unable to support the ice storm skills granted by the "Whispering Ice" unique personnel.
    Fixed a bug where the elemental gluttony skill granted by the unique amulet of corrupt blood could not heal you and nearby allies when elemental damages.
    Fixed a bug where the arrogant messenger being supported by the arrogant could cause the summoned pain crawler to fail to attack.

You can view the full patch instructions for 3.14.1c in the official forum of the POE. In related news, Path of Exile released its 3.14 extended version of Ultimatum last month. During the launch, when they allowed some influential people and streamers to bypass the queue, the team found themselves stuck in hot water. They came out and admitted that their actions were obviously wrong. If you want to Buy Exalted Orbs, please visit POECurrency.