Plenty of media comprise cultural references which are missing on people outside that civilization, which explains the reason why things made a long time ago don't have the exact same appeal to Animal Crossing Bells modern audiences, we have lost the circumstance the first reader needed.

Apparently Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is an example of this. There is an edition called The Annotated Alice that really explains all of the references in it and the sequel Alice through the looking glass

I would probably have gone through never knowing or caring what a tanuki was if it wasn't for Nintendo. I also might have never learned what a kappa was, possibly. And Kapp'n is referred to as a turtle in the English translation but I know he's actually a kappa.

I read, besides getting a kayak to name them, that if a villager asks you to move out, instantly close the game and avoid them the remainder of the day. The following day another villager will ask to depart, rinse and Buy Nook Miles Ticket repeat until the one that you want to leave asks to depart.