We need to pay more attention to all things that use power in our daily use, so the big size freezer is naturally no exception. What are the steps when we use a Big Size Freezer?

First, plug in the power supply, and then put the items in after 2-3 hours of operation The refrigeration temperature is about 5℃, and the freezing temperature is about 18℃. Fruits and vegetables should be wrapped in fresh-keeping bags to prevent drying. Tea, Chinese medicinal materials, paper packaging, and other items must be sealed and packaged in plastic bags to prevent re-moisture. The refrigerator can only hold liquid or bottled beverages. The freezer can only store ice cream low-temperature refrigerated products. Liquid and fruit high-temperature refrigerated products or mixed with low-temperature refrigerated products are prohibited to prevent ice cream from softening or melting. There should be gaps between the storage items, keep the air-conditioning circulating, and do not open the door for too long. Hot items should be kept cool before putting them in the cabinet, otherwise, the temperature will rise and power consumption will increase. Try to open the door as little as possible during a power failure. In the event of a power failure or unplugging the display cabinet, wait ten minutes before turning it on.

The same is true when we use the DC freezer , we need to pay more attention.