These beam load cell  are used to keep the door from closing down the whole way if it senses that something or someone is in its way. These doors are rather heavy and it is not unusual for people to attempt to rush their way through when it are shutting only to get hurt. In some cases it has been known to kill young kids.


If operated under the right conditions, the latest generation of tension load cell  can work for 10's of billions of cycles.

Vibration Cancellation / Active Damping:

Due to their fast response piezo mechanic actuators are a good choice for active vibration cancellation.

Here, a vibration sensor is required to provide the controller the correct information on how to counteract the mechanical vibration by providing the right amplitude and phase output to the piezo actuator. The sensor could even be a piezo ceramic transducer, configured to respond to strain or pressure.

Momentum Compensation / Active Damping:

Any type of rapid actuation will cause vibrations in a work piece. According to Newton's laws, this means, the faster a piezo mechanical system operates, the more reactive forces it will cause. In case these forces are unwanted, a second piezo mechanical system with a counter mass can be integrated and driven with a signal of the opposite phase. With a little fine-tuning the forces of both actuators will cancel each other out and the work piece can now move quickly but without exerting any force on the surrounding structures. This trick is often used in fast piezo steering mirrors for image stabilization in astronomical telescopes.

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