Remove these auto zone throw cartoons. On quick hitting plays Mut 21 coins this adds to a full second to the performs development and can throw the whole time off onto a play. Custom Playbooks. Being able to build my set up to match plays that do not work/work and a system helps construct a more unique experience. Punish protects for poor alignments. They ought to get beat if they are going to leave no one over the very top of him to the outside receiver. Quit or people learn to play soccer. Same for leads to the apartments when they cram everyone in the box. Defenders should take longer becoming over giving them the time to get up field.

Things I would really like to see: '' I think player speed evaluations ought to be address by rankings. Maybe have rate courses? Example: 95 Rate Linebacker wouldnt be the same as a 95 WR. Essentially Maxing out rates on defense and offense, both for linemen and linebackers. If you're gonna possess 98 Speed Clowney and Taylor's on the Edge then give us Tackles using 98 Speed as well, we must produce boths sides.

Also, Play call guessing on defense would be an enjoyable feature, how often have we figured the competitor's plays on trends simply to have Animations take over our User movements or AI forget what happened 9 plays in a row? Tecmo Bowl made it. I not a fan of the suggestions. Wouldn't there be with speed that is 95 a LB as fast as a WR? That defeats the purpose of the ratings. Because they're freaks of nature have 95 rate is. Giving tackles 98 speed simply to create either side"realistic" is not realistic. It makes the game unrealistic. It is equal to NBA 2k providing Shaq a 99 3 stage evaluation, makes no sense.

You are missing the point lol. Read it in the top, I said rate classes. Theres no way a clowney on his very best day could run with a tyreek hill but on madden he does. Vick being chased down by Sapp or even Sapp roaming the field on an individual lurk is unreal. The point of my article is to imply that EA either make it realistic on either side. If not, then offer the blockers exactly the exact same"freak of nature" movements. U believe clowney getting 91 rate on a 98 overall card is unrealistic? I see what your saying to some level but there's no way Sapp with 84 when fostered with brawler, John cheap Madden nfl 21 coins, and powered up, is pursuing down Vick or getting user lurks lmao. You have game play problems if that is happening.