In relation to combat it is about getting used to it You'll learn how to customize your actions bars, which activities to OSRS gold use and to not, you are able to change easily through them, it is pretty simple once you understand the fundamentals. There are good Youtubers out there that could teach you how to do everything You can also set it so once you've got a 1 handed melee/2h range/ one given magic etc the action bar changes automatically so that you pretty much make the action bar once and play around Also you can go from Auto rotation, so it is going to go from 1 ability to another. Manual, so you click on each ability or just go heritage and perform like it's osrs combat

In relation to mtx, it isn't shoved down your throat like people make it seem. Each time you log in it shows how many keys you've got and once you're within Runescape game there is a tiny pop out which covers virtually nothing of the screen and you can click the X to close it. There is mtx, it's pretty bad, you can pretty much buy the xp, however you can have a excellent time playing Runescape match legitimately. RS3 Runescape players despise mtx even more than you guys. The only good thing I'd say osrs has over RS3 is that the community, not the toxic part, but the part that actually leaves Runescape game feel residing Most worlds have hardly any people while the top 5 have the maximum amount yet they believe laggy as hell. There's a lot of things to appreciate about RS3 tho. They both have their goods and their bads.

The problem is that in matches with MTX, the content itself becomes more balanced round the MTX. You can't"just ignore it". Both grinds get far too miserable because people are expected to cover and content is balanced to be far slower with no, or so the grinds get way to miserable because paying is OP and everything hyper-inflates. There's not much of a way for MTX and non-MTX to coexist in a fair manner, that's the whole point of MTX.RS3 with no MTX is quicker then OSRS. MTX are pretty OP in RS3 however if you're able to max on OSRS, you are able to cross on RS3 easily.

RS3 is still a fantastic runescape game however. The MTX drags down it, sure. But, because people do not like the combat system doesn't mean it is a bad game. It might have some positives however pushing that system down our throats is what made most of us leave.I'm not disputing that. It is a solid game in its own right.well identification like to buy RuneScape gold make it apparent im not trying to"scrap RS3". My chief on RS3 is exactly the exact same account as my main on osrs. The battle system is the reason why I play osrs the majority of the time.