World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be the most intuitive and bold expansion we have seen in 16 years of game history. Blizzard understands the value of making the world more accessible while simultaneously increasing the complexity of its progression systems. Players in Shadowlands will understand that it’s unique, and it will play a role in the game’s
level for compression, so the WOW Classic Gold highest level is 60, and skill trees attached to covenants, and a whole new starting area and an infinite dungeon called the Torghast.

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Certain specific players can use the Beta version of Shadowlands, so I was very fortunate to try some of the content added to the extension. I completed the new starting zone and quested through a bit of The Maw within Shadowlands, trust me, there are still many things to do here.

If the novice player doesn’t understand World of Warcraft or how to play, then Exile’s Reach is a solid introduction. This questline successfully goes over how to use special abilities, which tab does what, how to emote and what to expect from dungeons.

For example, after the player kills the spider, a notification will pop up, telling you how to loot the corpses of spiders. The handling of these details surprised me, because it is an intuitive way to detect when the player needs help the most. A long time ago, when I was a kid, I vividly remember scrambling around for an hour, unsure of how to loot or what a “right-click” even was. These types of tutorials are going to be incredibly helpful for people, Especially for children.

I also appreciate how streamlined Exile’s Reach is. In this way, new players are not overwhelmed in the huge area of ​​the game, and teach them how to enjoy the game. However, for some experienced players, this simple game method makes them not interested. Because the area is treated as a condensed amalgamation of everything you can expect from the game, coupled with a handful of tutorials, it completely foregoes the openness and freedom that makes WoW so satisfying. Exile's Reach is very linear, and while there is some openness , it's not even remotely close to the scale seen in the rest of the game.

Exile’s Reach is capped with a tutorial dungeon. Players will enter a tower full of ogres and fight a leader of the undead dragon. But unfortunately, the towers in this area are full of empty circular rooms with ogres on them, which lacks detail and imagination. But the dragon on the top looks pretty cool. Although it has a little flaw, I still have more expectations. World of Warcraft is typically known for its meticulously crafted environmental design, yet nothing within the dungeon had this same level of inspiration.

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