As early as November last year, the POE development team had started the adaptation of POE on the Mac platform. POE with 5 million players has become one of the most popular RPG games in the world after so many years of development. It is not only rich in various interesting mechanisms, but the mysterious game world is full of various challenges waiting for players to complete. Players can collect some POE Currency after completing some tasks.

With the sped up expansion of POE on major platforms, Mac users can finally experience it in half a month. Xbox players and PS4 players can play POE as early as the first two years, which stimulated Mac players to want to join the POE platform expansion lineup. GGG has confirmed that the exact release date of Mac POE is approximately September 11.

Another particularly important reason POE is so attractive to people is that it is free for players to download POE on any platform. This advantage allows players to choose whether to play alone or in a team with friends. The cycle of launching a new league every thirteen weeks is also a good guarantee of the freshness and curiosity of the players in the game. Every time a new league comes, players will show new mechanisms and challenges. It is worth mentioning that the development time of the now popular Harvest League took 14 weeks.

Now players are looking forward to the arrival of Mac POE. They hope that COVID-19 will not affect its normal release. Players are so worried for a reason. Because of the severe epidemic, many game companies have to postpone their original release plans. However, they can prepare early to Buy Path of Exile Currency to meet those upcoming challenges.