Tubular Motor Manufacturer introduces how to choose curtain rods

1. Material

Curtain rods are long-lasting objects. Make sure to choose strong and durable materials to avoid frequent replacement in the future. So don't choose: plastic, aluminum alloy, iron, these materials. This is because plastics will age quickly. The integrity of aluminum alloy is too strong, the load-bearing performance is poor, and it is easy to open the glue with the passage of time; iron is easy to peel off paint and rust. The suitable material for curtain rods should be pure stainless steel, but the price will be higher.

2. Structure

There are two types of curtain rods: single track and double track. The monorail can only hang curtains on one side. Double rails can be installed on both sides. It is recommended to choose two tracks, one side can be installed with screens, and the other side can be installed with thick curtains.

3. Tracking

There are two types of curtain tracks: bright tracks and dark tracks. The exposed rail curtain rods are highly decorative and convenient for construction, so there is no need to make curtain boxes in advance. The disadvantage is that it does not slide smoothly when there is no dark guide rail, and if the curtain is heavy, the rod will be deformed. Dark rails are ugly when exposed, so curtain boxes need to be made in advance. The advantage is that the slide rail is relatively smooth and has a better carrying capacity, which is suitable for heavy curtains. It is recommended to choose a dark track, except that the decoration is slightly weaker, the rest are advantages.