Garden tiller buying guide

Interested in starting a new lawn or garden? There is no better equipment to shape the soil than a large, powerful garden tiller.


The garden adjustable tiller is a gasoline-powered soil crusher with strong sharp teeth and enough engine power to penetrate rough, rough, uncultivated ground.

Moreover, if you have already established a larger garden, the garden tiller will help you cover a large area more easily and complete the cultivation and cultivation in a shorter time.

Garden tillers are available in three styles:

Rear fork tillage machine
Front fork tillage machine
Field tillage machine

Rear tillage machine
The powerful engine, the sturdy tires and the frame of the counterweight structure provide stability: this is the reason why the rear fork tillage machine is used as a tillage machine that handles the most difficult soils.

In addition to its engine power, its unique size is another feature of the rear fork tiller, making it very suitable for use in challenging areas. Although other types of garden tillers can be used in narrow 10 or 12-inch areas, you will find that the smallest rear-tooth tillers will have a tillage width of 16 inches. These machines are made for large plots of land.

Another difference between them? Their tines can be rotated in three different ways:

Forward rotating tines
Counter-rotating tines
Double rotating tines
The forward-rotating tines will help you push the soil forward and mix, while the reverse-rotating tines will help your subtill dig deeper, and the dual-rotation tines will allow you to switch between modes. With rear fork tillers, you have many options.
Front tillage machine
Honda front fork tiller with its lightweight four-stroke gas engine, the front fork tiller is between the rear fork tiller and the small tiller in terms of work that can be handled.

They may not be the best choice for breaking down heavy clays, but they are excellent for breaking soil in areas where the soil is light and fertile. They are also very suitable for regular garden tasks:

Broken compacted light soil
Add soil amendment
Remove weeds
One feature that makes them so versatile is the ability to adjust the width of their teeth. With an adjustable tillage machine, you can easily use it to break wide ground, just as easy as cultivating a small piece of land.

And because the fork tines on the front fork tiller rotate forward, they will pull the machine, making these small power plants easier to maneuver than the rear fork tiller.

Field tillage machine
They are not as common as rear forks or front forks, but the middle fork still is a reliable choice that combines the best choice of two aspects: power and tillage width are slightly smaller and lighter structure similar to that of the rear forks. Front fork tillage machine

As you can guess from their names, what distinguishes them from cultivators is the position of their tines. Because their tines are located in the center of the frame, the tiller in the middle provides a sense of balance and control, which is hard to match by other sub-matches.

And because they usually have tines with adjustable widths, middle-tooth tillers still have enough versatility.