As time goes by, we may see its popularity continue to increase. Players expect a lot of content from developers even on the anniversary. However, due to the excessive number of players, it is difficult for the developers of the Animal Crossing game to meet the expectations of all players.

Since the release of the action, many players have been asking Nintendo to launch more upgraded products for the museum. Most importantly, the old celebrity Brewster is used to look after the museum cafe. The ACBellsBuy store will assist players, including helping players go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. On the other side, many data miners leaked Museum cafe's chance to participate in the competition, but because there was no official announcement, fans lost patience.

Museum shops and museum cafes are expected to be added with all new updates. Back to Animal Crossing: Brewster is accustomed to the urban folklore and wild world in the basement of the museum. K.K. sliders can also perform in the basement. It was also when we saw the museum cafe in the world of Crossing Animals. Therefore, it may be a waste not to add the museum cafe to the game from the following updates.

Another point is about upgrading Nook's Crazy and Dodo airlines. Nook's Cranny is usually a shop where players can go to Buy Animal Crossing Bells and get a variety of goods such as furniture, tools, and their local fruits. In previous versions of Animal Crossing, players could upgrade Nook's Crazy to at least two floors, and it might be great to do the same upgrade in New Horizons.

In addition to this, it is best to find some improvements in Dodo Airlines that allow players to travel to other islands. Players only need to visit other friends' islands to return to your island. Therefore, it is best to get upgrades so that players can move from one island to another without having to see their island from the beginning.