App ideas are stirring the zeal among entrepreneurs. And! Why not? The recent decade has been dramatically transforming both businesses and consumers. While the web was the biggest trend of earlier years of the decade, the last couple of years were completely about the growth of mobile applications.


Now mobile applications have become a major point of communication between businesses and consumers. Presently, 67% of eCommerce sales are directed via mobile. Here are some statistics that show the significance of mobile phones today.


Nearly 90% of mobile internet time is being consumed over apps.


Google Play Store has more than 2.9 million apps presently,


Every month, nearly 100,000 new Android apps get released in Google Play Store.


79% of consumers are inclined to use apps for e-commerce shopping instead of using a website.


Consumers view 286% more products and add items to care while browsing through apps. It is an 85% higher rate than on a mobile browser.


So, these statistics are significant to show how mobile app usage has grown and how consumers around the world are affected by this new trend. Needless to say that developing a mobile app has become a critical need of contemporary businesses if they want to keep on earning huge revenues and thrive.


Actually, this is a stage of transformation for both Startups, SMEs, and enterprises, as they have to adapt to technology and changing consumer interest. Surely, you would be wondering why I should create a mobile app. Let's find out the answer.


Why Invest In Mobile Apps In 2021?


There are a number of reasons that indicate the need for a mobile app for businesses; let’s take a quick glance at some most prominent.


Consumers prefer mobile applications to buy, interact, and complain about services/products.


Mobile apps have a higher conversion rate than websites and other channels.


When you invest in mobile apps, you acquire a tool that helps you achieve improved marketing communication.


The open rate for emails is 20%, while the push notification open rate on the mobile app is 60%.


Mobile apps allow you to create a personalized consumer experience to boost revenue and lead generation. It offers you the opportunity to access the global market and create a blazing brand presence.


So, aren't these reasons enough to secure a mobile app in 2021?


Surely, you would have understood how rich mobile apps are when it comes to catering communication platforms between businesses and modern consumers. However, there are many questions related to mobile app development that always intrigue business owners, such as what are app ideas for my industry? Why can this type of app help my business grow? Etc. Altogether, startups are always confused while picking app ideas for business growth. Are you pondering which app ideas are good to win the game and thrive as a great brand? Let's take a glance at some evergreen and most fruitful app ideas in 2021 that can help you reap success.


Top App Ideas To Invest In For Reaping Success In Upcoming Years


#1. Food Delivery App


Food delivery solutions are in vogue due to the increased demand for food delivery at work and home. Food delivery management systems and ordering applications are helping restaurants to acquire more sales and process everything at ease. Moreover, they are also attracting consumers by enabling access to exciting menus from restaurants. Benefit Of Investing: Opportunity to thrive as a popular food delivery chain with incredible delicacies.


#2. Taxi Booking App

Since people are striving to travel safely from one destination to another during covid, you can cater ease of transportation to people using a taxi booking app. A taxi booking app solution and dispatch system allow taxi services to acquire leads, and people can easily find rides.

It allows people to transport at the lowest price and avert the hassle of finding transportation.

Benefit Of Investing: Opportunity to earn more revenue by enabling local/ inter-state transportation services.


#3. Fintech Apps


Nowadays, Fintech app development is gaining huge publicity as people are more inclined toward online money transfers and buying financial assets online. Investing in money transfer apps, cryptocurrency exchange, or fintech solutions for budgeting can enable startups to thrive as a popular fintech apps and software development company.

Peer-to-peer money transfer, digital asset, stock buying/selling applications are thriving swiftly.


Benefit Of Investing: Access to the fintech market, earn money and thrive as a top fintech company by catering incredible solutions for money transfer.


#4. Banking Apps

Banking software applications are currently enabling banks to function with ease. While, for consumers, banking services are just a click away. Banking software and applications development companies are delivering solutions that enable both banks and account holders to send, receive, and withdraw money with ease. Also, banking apps are helping in educating people about new policies of banks and customer care. Benefit Of Investing: Opportunity to work closely with banks and thrive as a prominent banking service provider.