One type of functional fabric is clothing made of functional fabrics for outdoor sports. Such fabrics are mainly mountaineering suits, ski suits, and jackets. The style is rough, the hand feels stiff, and the product performance requirements are very high. It is suitable for use in adventure and harsh environments. Has a protective effect on people. The other is clothing made of outdoor leisure functional fabrics, which is defined as outdoor activities when you go out of your home. This type of fabric is mainly casual fashion, exquisite workmanship, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, suitable for tourism, outdoor activities, etc.

Functional textiles are fabrics with a set of integrated functions of controlling or adjusting according to their application. Such textiles are usually produced with a focus on function rather than on aesthetics. Smart textiles are characterized by functionality, versatility, compatibility, flexibility and interactivity. Functions could include temperature regulation, humidity control, health monitoring, sports training, position tracking, protection clothing, abrasion resistance, anti-bacterial properties, moisture absorption, quick-drying functions, and many more.

The use of functional fabrics is versatile and becoming common in a number of industries such as automotive engineering, aerospace, aeronautics, architecture, healthcare, construction engineering, military and security. Functional textile materials are defined as those materials that do not have any “smartness” as such, but in many cases form a basic component of a smart textile (system), e.g., electroconductive textiles or optical fibers.

The RPET fabric produced by our company is also a kind of functional fabric. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.