Designing a perfect island in Animal Crossing not only requires proper planning and implementation but also involves a large number of in-game bells. This is a special item of the game. With Bells, anyone can pay off Nook Inc. loans, upgrade their residences, unlock bridges and slopes, and purchase various items to decorate the island.

There are many ways on the subject of making money in games. Although some methods are a bit complicated and tedious. There is only one specific rock on the island every day, and every time you touch it, you will lose money instead of minerals. Players, please remember that you can visit the ACBellsBuy website if you encounter difficulties. This website can provide players with a safe and convenient Buy ACNH Gold service. The second round can only start at a certain time after the first hit.

It takes time to make money more steadily. To ensure the greatest return, you can dig three holes in the rock behind you to ensure that your character stays in shape while attacking the rock. This trick is also applicable to mineral rocks because maximizing the number of hits increases the chance that it will drop the gold nugget, which is later sold at a high price.

Fossils are another convenient strategy for making money in New Horizons. Consider selling a few to five types of fossils that you find every day, rather than donating them to a museum, because each of them can be very valuable. Any work the player does is meaningful. Players go to Buy ACNH Gold to make more money. Remember, before selling to Nook's Cranny, first give Blathers access to the unearthed fossil.

In addition to fossils, you may also find various things on the island, which may be sold at the fastest price. These things include fruit shells and materials dropped from swaying trees. In some cases, weeds are also included. Although these products are not of high value, they are indeed very convenient to sell, especially in the early stages of playing the entire game.