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In this competitive world, it is tough to cope up with every aspect of academics to reach the peak of career. If you want to achieve an excellent result and be a successful student, you need to improve your study skills. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can adopt to develop your study skills.

The tips listed below will help you to understand how to improve your study skills and improve your grades:

  •    Choose an ideal space for studying– Select a place which is perfectly lit, airy and comfortable. The place that you will choose for the study must be free of any distraction. Make sure to keep your mobile phone silent or better switch it off during study.
  •    Take breaks between study hours– When you take frequent breaks, it keeps you stress-free. According to psychologists, you learn best in short takes. So, take 10 minutes break every hour. Go for a stroll or be with your family. But make sure that you do not waste your time anticipating your break by watching the clock frequently.
  •    Start with the toughest– Start doing your homework on subjects that you find to be the toughest. If you have homework on Physics, Geography, English and Maths, and you find Physics to be the toughest, attempt the Physics homework first. It will soothe your brain. But if you find writing Physics case study to be extremely difficult, take case study help online.
  •    Develop memorising techniques– Mnemonics is an excellent technique to memorise critical information. It is a technique that helps the brain to encode and recall information in a better way. For example, to remember the months of a year, you can use:

Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November;

All the rest have thirty-one,

Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,

And twenty-nine each leap year.

You can even use flashcards for memorising information.

  •    Stay focussed– Separate the study period of subjects that are alike or have similar subject matter. If you are studying history, do not study any subject related to humanities after that. Instead, study physics or chemistry. It will help you to stay focused.
  •    Take regular tests– To retain what you have learnt, it is important to take routine tests. Many a time it happens that students understand the concepts, but because of not taking regular tests, they fail to score good marks. An effective test-taking helps to improve the study skills. Therefore, make sure that you take a mock test on regular intervals on all subjects.
  •    Manage your time– Many a time students look for custom essay writing help service providers to solve their assignments due to a time crunch. To develop study skills, you need to learn time management. The only way to learn time management is by creating a schedule and getting organised. Make a schedule to set aside time for both academics and extra-curricular activities. Make sure that you study when it’s time to study and play when it’s time to play. Plan well when you will do your assignments and what you will cover. Do not change your schedule, since you can have fun later. If the schedule works, stick to it or else change and try something else.
  •    Identify your style of learning– We all have different learning styles. Some learn better with the use of visual learning aids, while some comprehend information better using their listening skills. Therefore, identify your style of learning. You can identify your learning style by taking online quizzes on learning style assessment. If you are a visual learner, include pictures, charts and graphs to understand the concepts better.
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The key to improve study skills is to get organised. If you follow the above mentioned tips religiously, you will surely enhance your study skills and see an improvement in your grades.

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