Nike SB Dunk High J-Pack "Shadow is shown with a gray theme this time. The color is a combination of dark gray and light gray. The suede material wraps the shoe body. New Release Yeezy Boost 350 The Swoosh logo is surrounded by lychee leather. The texture is very good. Classic. The thick foam tongue and Zoom Air insole. Black and gray stitching body. Equipped with white midsole and gray outsole, the "Shadow" color matching is vividly interpreted.Developed with the same original mold board, all materials are the same as the original factory. Double-layer lightweight EVA foam midsole + non-slip RB rubber outer ring sole.

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low BE@RBRICK wears high-quality black pony hair on the entire upper, while the sock lining, heel and outsole use a light cream color. New Jordan The outstanding feature of the shoe is the iconic Bearbrick logo embroidered on the heel. The recognizable Nike Blazer Mid color scheme will return to the show this year. The Swoosh pure white color is filled, and the shoes are simple, elegant and classic! The original cardboard last, the original first layer leather material, made by an exclusive private model, perfect shape.

The entire upper is presented in pure black, Air Jordan 1 Fearless which seems to be low-key without any joint features, but in fact it is quite bright. Because the upper is made of special color-changing materials, when exposed to high temperatures, the black will become similar to a thermal image. Colorful effects, hence the name "thermal imaging" SB Dunk. In cold conditions, the upper will turn back to black, the classic Nike SB Logo on the tongue is presented in the form of a pixel grid, and the entire insole is printed with a thermal image, and it is also decorated with a smiling face LogoSwoosh Logo with a Civilist label on the tail. Highlight the joint identity of the shoes. Finally, the white midsole and black outsole complete the design of the entire pair of shoes.