FIFA Mobile Coins Carniball card layout is the most lively yet.EA place to deliver us meta Carniball unique cards FUTEA has confirmed that the Carniball promo is going to FIFA Mobile, therefore can it imply that the long-awaited event is on its way to consoles from FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?What is Carniball?The Carniball promo celebrates eight festivals from eight distinct countries and is one of the most hotly anticipated events around FIFA.The FIFA 19 Carniball card layout is one of the very vibrant we have ever seen within FIFA, and we expect nothing less from this year's event!The FIFA Carniball promo celebrates festivals from the following states

We are hoping to find players from these eight states feature, with a few end-game level cards that will stay at the power curve for the rest of the FIFA calendar.When is Carniball coming to FUT 21? FUT 21 is overdue a promo after the Future Stars event ended on Friday, 19 February.Carniball did not attribute on FIFA 20, so understandably it is launch this year was at doubt.But the confirmation of a FIFA Mobile release has the FUT community talking.The Cheap FIFA Coins edition came on March 8, so a release this Friday, 26 February 26 will be a bit early in comparison, but is a definite chance as it is not a thousand miles out.We expect to observe a Carniball loading screen drop on Wednesday, 24 February at roughly 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST or even 7:30 pm GMT / 2:30 pm EST..