Well, you might know what Symphony is? If yes, then that’s really good, and I do appreciate it. If you don’t know, then it’s ok, don’t be sad and read the next para to know about it.

Symphony is one of the best PHP frameworks that enable fast development. It is a combination of reusable elements that render adequate modularity to create systematic and clear code, which helps businesses form better projects. Additionally, it includes several high-quality features such as MVC based system, Flexible URI routing, OOPS Service Architecture, and many more.

Do You Know?

51,928 active websites utilize the famous Symfony PHP framework, and 58,552 sites used it historically.

Symfony PHP framework with 25.1K GitHub stars and 8.1K GitHub forks.

Trivago, Statista, Accenture, Stack are few popular companies using Symfony.

Every day the usage of this PHP framework is expanding, and various industry verticals such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, travel & tourism, banking, and so on are also preferring Symfony for web app development.

But the question is from where to hire Symphony developers to get outstanding results?

Well, hiring dedicated and skilled developers from the best Symphony development company will be the best option. But here another concern arises: which company will be suitable, reliable, and best to hire a Symphony developer.

Let’s move further and know which things can help list down the best companies’ names.

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