Nowadays, the outer layer of luggage is generally oxford fabric, which has been treated with PU whitening to achieve waterproof and tear-proof effects. The inner lining can be thin Oxford cloth, treated with PA coating, waterproof and breathable, and some treated with PVC coating, which meets non-toxic standards in terms of corrosion, insects, and bacteria. The seasonality of luggage fabrics is not very strong, and sales are relatively good throughout the year. So how do we distinguish between good and bad luggage fabric? Let's discuss it together below.

First of all, a good bag fabric will have a soft light that is different from oily under the light, and different fabrics have different glosses.

Secondly, good fabrics feel very delicate, warm and comfortable to the touch, and don't rub hands; when hanging, they will have a natural drape feeling.

Third, good fabrics are generally lighter in weight. The cloth fabric is light and soft, easy to sew and cut, and easy to carry. However, it seems that the heavier the leather, the more real it is. The general test is to see if the leather has a taste. A good leather has no taste.

Furthermore, a good fabric has very good elasticity and reducibility and can be restored to flatness without wrinkles when kneaded together by hand.

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