The ratchet belt can be used in various environments according to different hooks. There are many sizes of ratchets, including the 1" ratchet buckle .

The conventional fixing method of a 1" ratchet buckle is strapping. The reason why strapping is not used is that although the strap can fix the ratchet buckle, the tightening force cannot meet the packaging requirements.

The ratchet buckle is a combination of a tightening belt, a fastener, and a metal end, and the fastener is a pull tension device.

When using a ratchet buckle, the tension of the shoulder strap cannot secure it firmly, and the shoulder strap may fall off during transportation. However, if the ratchet buckle is squeezed during transportation, the double-row hooks or metal handles of the metal fittings will squeeze the webbing, and the ratchet buckle will be scrapped.

The same is true when using a 2" ratchet buckle . No matter how big the specification is, you can first understand the basics when using it.