EVE Echoes realized the idea of ??transferring the large space fairing MMO game EVE to the mobile game field. As a sandbox game, you can do many things in the game, you can walk around in space, you have to learn to survive in this large area. You can do a business about minerals, which is absolutely profitable.

Any ship you take can get ore. But you'd better use a mining laser, which you can find in the main weapon category of high slots. These lasers are very expensive, so it is impossible to start mining at the beginning of the game. Before that, you need to save enough ISK. The MK3 mining laser is the cheapest laser, which sells for 40,000 to 50,000 ISK. However, this price still fluctuates in the current market. If you want to mine immediately, after you have enough money, you can go to the trading center to buy.

You can drive the boat to the nearest asteroid belt, where there are a lot of ore to be mined and it is also the most popular mining place. After you arrive, lock the asteroid. The mining laser will work better within a specified range, which is determined by your laser. When you are moving around an asteroid, you want to make sure that you will use this information crosswise. You are free to mine asteroids until your list becomes full.

After your mining is over, you need to drive your ship away from the EVE Echoes ISK asteroid, and then go to the nearest station to deal with the problem you want to solve. Different ore prices are not the same, and the market will change according to player needs.

Mining is a very promising thing, and you need to be very patient in this process. You need to understand the market situation, based on the maximum profit you can get. Your mining strategy will change over time. You can try some mining-centric ships like Venture.We can see the great influence of EVE Online, so players are looking forward to its mobile game EVE Echoes. You must not miss a website called MMOWTS. Buying EVE Echoes ISK on MMOWTS will bring you many surprises.