The Farmtrac Atom 26 is a 4WD tractor with 26 horsepower. It has the perfect balance of strong features and a small form factor. In terms of farming row crops and orchards, the Farmtrac Atom 26 tractor is regarded as the real monarch. It does so because it can maneuver through confined spaces with ease. This tractor can be purchased by small-scale farmers to automate tasks associated with farming. Its engine is three cylinders. The engine runs at 2600 ERPM and has a total volume displacement of 1318 cc. The Farmtrac Atom 26 has a single clutch and a constant mesh gearbox type. The gear shifting levers are positioned at the side shift location for convenience of reach. With no imbalance, this tractor can lift to 750 kg. For efficient weight balance, the tractor has a contemporary ADDC hydraulic control system installed.

The Farmtrac Atom 26 has a length of 2730 mm and a total weight of 990 KG. This tractor's wheelbase measures 1550 mm. The Farmtrac atom 26 tractor can clear 310 metres of ground. This aids farmers in maneuvering the tractor over uneven ground without causing harm to the crops. In 2024, the on-road price of the Farmtrac Atom 26 ranges between Rs. 5.65 lakh* and Rs. 5.85 lakh*. For your complete peace of mind, the Farmtrac Atom 26 tractor comes with a 5-year warranty.