With the release of Madden 21, it will become one of the most magical moments of the year. MADDEN GLITCH SEASON BABY! This incredible annual tradition took us out of the fierce NFL simulation realm and imagined a world in which Jon Bois had complete control of the physics engine.

Take "Madden NFL 21" glitches as an example. This should be a feature, not an error. This should be the new NFL rule. If a team can work together to bring the low earth between the helmets into the finish area, it should be rewarded with 21 points immediately, just as game players are rewarded by MUT 21 Coins. I know it’s stupid, but if you don’t want to see an NFL player trying to get the ball down to the court for too long after kicking the ball, you are lying.

One of my favorite glitches is the sad sight. Sometimes the field lines disappear, making the game look like the saddest and most popular music festival in the world.

Every football fan hopes that their game is not over because they know that if time is not up, their team will have a chance. Fortunately, in Madden 21, sometimes the game never ends, and players are just locked in purgatory.

NFL players often talk about Zen moments when everything on the court seems to be slowing down and allows them to process information at seemingly superhuman speeds. Sometimes it feels like time has stopped together.

The worst thing that is easy to see on Sunday is when all the receivers forget the way they run and start to drive towards their end zone. I know our performance in the game is already very good, but I really like the new advanced crawling physics they added. This will also motivate me to Buy Madden 21 Coins and enjoy the game better.