Start with Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta a hunter manual... should give you good info about what do with your mag, subclass, and skill trees. Force isn't a very good sub for hunter...

Thank you for the information! I had been interested in drive which is why I had went with it. I'll be leveling all my courses into 30 so it'll give me more than enough time to determine which course is best

This game is not difficult at all (at least in our present state). So dont feel bad about making errors as nothing is truly permanent/undo able. Matters such like mag levels can be reset and course skill points can be redone (albeit with some caveats like awaiting patches). My final term of advice is find a group to join that you enjoy, aside from benefits and bonuses that they could teach ya the match if they're willing.

My strongest piece of advice is looking at the set folder as an introductory way of getting set up with a 13*. No prerequisites apart from doing content to get a 100% guaranteed 13* celebrity weapon. Since its gear requirement relies on foundation stats, it is going to also push you into creating your personality via classes/subclasses/mag/device stats. Lastly looking at how other Men and Women assemble via guides, videos, or just asking is good but dont take it law, play in a way that you like as few content will ever demandAnyone know if the Rappies from reward crucial quests become ARKS Rappies on PSO2 day?

Heard they become ARKS Rappies, but no ARKS fever and rappy eggs as the benefits are fixed from a particular pool.

Oh damn, I was expecting keys would be useful to farm a rappy egg. Guess I will spam SHAQ as consistently feelsbadman.

I am able to confirm that they do and that it doesn't matter since the drops are from a fixed swimming pool, not the enemies.

Seasonal quest trigger rappies stay seasonal to that PSO2 buying meseta season. So not Positive if they will turn ARKS, but at least they won't become summer rappies if you're using a spring seasonal trigger